Storybook Foundry

Create your organization’s Storybook, a concise collection of documents that answers the question, “How do we talk about ourselves?”

Participate in a Storybook Workshop

Starting the first Monday of every month, join eleven other nonprofit leaders in a six week, online workshop.  Through weekly assignments, you will nail down what words you used to describe your organization, key phrases, create a bank of paragraphs, pictures and numbers you can pull from to create outreach documents.  At the end of the week, you’ll have your own Storybook, a collection of documents you can share with new staff, volunteers, board members, or contractors that gets them all on the same page and speaking in the same terms about your organization.  


$149.99 for session starting January 7, 2019.

$199.99 for session starting on February 4, 2019.

$249.99 for session starting on March 4, 2019.

$299.99 for sessions starting on April 1, 2019, May 6, 2019, June 3 2019.

Additional session prices will be posted as they are scheduled.

Purchase the Storybook templates a la cart

Purchase the Storybook templates a la cart and complete only the pieces you think are most useful or necessary.

Template packages range from $19.99-$99.99 and are coming soon.

Hire one of our trained coaches

Hire one of our trained coaches to work directly with your organization to create a Storybook.  

Options include:

One or two day workshop, such as at a board retreat.

Working with a coach over several weeks remotely.

Having a coach come to your organization for several days or a week to work on site.

We work with clients to create a package that is just the right size for them, including services and price.  Please contact us for pricing.