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+ Why is a Storybook better than an employee handbook or style guide?

A style guide tells you about the icing on the cake. And an employee handbook tells people how to serve the cake. Your Storybook clarifies what types of ingredients go into the cake. Now, icing and serving are both vital parts of cake, but you can’t have either without the foundation. And that’s what a Storybook is, a foundational collection of documents.

+ How do I know if Storybook is for us?

We offer a couple of ways for you to explore. You can download a trial template and instructions. You can take a free mini course or sign up for an email series. Or, you can talk directly to us. We offer [30 minute introductary chats] at no cost.

+ We want a Storybook, but can you help us put it together?

Yes! We offer in person workshops. We can do a one day, all day retreat option, a multiple meeting option, or whatever else might work for you. As these are more personalized, the price will be set to meet your needs. But get in touch!