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Storybook Foundry Helps Nonprofits Put “Their Best Words Forward”
photo credit Wendy Pace

Yellow Springs, Ohio – October 9, 2018 – A new service based in Yellow Springs, Ohio offers an online workshop program called Storybook Foundry designed to help nonprofit professionals develop their organizational narrative in a way that increases awareness and financial contributions.

Drawing on her background in theater production, nonprofit management, and education, founder and CEO, Ara Beal, has developed a collection of 10 concise documents that answer the question “How do we talk about our organization?” Intended for use within a nonprofit, the program focuses on words, pictures and numbers, but also includes some go-to paragraphs and style guides.

“As I've moved in nonprofit circles, I've met so many people who are passionate about their work but can't speak concisely about the identity of the organization,” Beal explained. “I've also consistently heard from contracted help, like grant writers and web designers, that they can't get clearly-organized information from nonprofits. We help fix that.”

Working with dozens of small nonprofits over the past decade, Beal has a sense of their capacity in terms of funds and time. She has designed a product that is affordable, has high returns in efficiency, and takes a reasonable amount of time.

“I'm also excited about the opportunity to connect nonprofit leaders from around the country in small groups for six weeks,” Beal said. “I know the valuable nature of such communities and connections.”

Storybook Foundry just started its first online workshop earlier this month and plans a full launch of the product in January of 2019. To learn more visit or email to add your organization to the already growing list of interested participants.