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New Online Workshop Announced!

Join other nonprofit and small business professionals for a six week online workshop to create your organization’s Storybook! We’ll work to support each other through the process.

Starts March 15, 2019 with new content released each Friday, and last pieces released on April 19th.

However, you’ll have access to the material FOREVER, so if something comes up during the six weeks, no biggie! You can catch up later.

For one payment of $225 or two payments of $120, you’ll get:

1 Storybook full template valued at $107.97
10 templates in individual format valued at $199.70
Two hours of one on one consultation valued at $150


moderation of the workshop in real time by a member of our staff
and access to our users Facebook group to further build your community and network

That’s more than $457.67 worth of tools and services for only $225!

Click here to sign up!

Click here to sign up!